Who We Are. What We Do

Mvuleni is a 100% black owned and established company. The company’s combined expertise prove that Mvuleni has a team of professionals that offer single source solution for industry needs. We are passionate and committed to continuous improvement and what we have to offer our customers in quality services and expertise. Mvuleni believes in making a positive impact in everything we do: in research and technical expertise, design and manufacturing systems, quality assurance, our product range, our customer service and ultimately in our product performance. We offer reliable, professional and reputable expertise, service and competitive pricing. We are also committed to high quality and on time delivery. We can service the local and international market as well as the mining and private sector.

Mvuleni is a EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) company specialising in turkey construction projects for mining industry and private sector. This unique value gives our customers full confidence in the ability of our products and services, to meet and often surpass requirements. Mvuleni strives to maintain and improve our excellent standards that have helped the company develop successfully. Our sales and service team has years of experience within the industry and are here to help with any queries, be it technical specifications, pricing or delivery. We can provide the support you need, to choose the exact product and service for the precise application. Analysis, experience and knowledge of market demands have resulted in a flexible service and distribution program wherever you are. Everything in the mining industry is dependent on coating systems. The coating that Mvuleni offers his clients is SABS approved, ISO 9001:2015 controlled.


 Elliot Mnisi, a South African citizen born on the 3rd of October 1969, He has been in the mining industry since 1992 to date. During this period he achieved extensive knowledge in both Platinum and Coal industries ranging from shaft deepening, steep mining , mechanised mining, decline shaft and open cast pits in projects ranging within both shaft and capital operations.

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Quality Assurance
Quality assurance and safety are extremely important aspects of our everyday activities.
The company works strictly with SABS requirements.
The management team is also committed to provide the necessary training and tools to ensure that quality projects can be provided to all our clients.
Empowering Policies
we are committed to the advancement of South Africa's previously disadvantaged community and have to this end establish ed an employment equity policy which will assist those individuals within a structured program and against set targets. In addition , we follow a policy of subcontracting to small , medium micro enterprises and black empowerment companies wherever possible.

Mvuleni is committed to employment equity and broad based black economic empowerment.

Employee Empowerment
We value skills and invest in the development of our staff who are qualified, certified and trained in their various disciplines. We believe that on-going staff training is essential and so we encourage our people to be flexible and dynamic as we grow their potential.
Our Values
We are trusted in the market-place and stand for integrity by setting a standard for it and inspiring others to always be truthful and fair as principles held higher that profit.
A binding pledge that obligates us to assume a position or carry out a course of action. Making a commitment to what you do -in your personal or professional life-is one of the fundamental principles of success.

BE HELPFUL:Understand and advance the group's positive goals.
BE CONSCIENTIOUS: Be aware and careful of the choices you make.
BE ACCOUNTABLE: Accept that your actions impact everyone around you.
BE PERSEVERING: Work through difficulty and discouragement in pursuit of individual and team objectives.
BE RELIABLE: Prove that others can depend on you.